Are you doing enough testing?

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How you react, when something works on your site? To just leave things the way they are?

Recently, I was inspired by the book “AdSense Secrets” by Joel Comm to make a split test between two set-ups of my ads almost at the same time.

Normally, you would make such a test by using one set up the first week and another the next week. But two weeks are never alike.

By making the tests simultaneously, the results of the tests are reliable.

Not only did I discover which a ads works the best on my side but I also found a very surprising side-effect.

Every time, I make a change on my side it results in a larger amount of clicks on my ads. By using this tool I make changes all the time, and in fact it has resulted in a much larger number of clicks on my ads.

So don’t forget, even though things seems to work on your site, try to make some changes, perhaps just for the sake of changing something.

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