Where to find the best credit card rates

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review of credit cards ratesI was asked to do a review of this site: www.credit-cards-rates.com/ At first, I had doubts about the relevancy for this blog, but then it hit me: How much business can you do online, if you don’t have a credit card? None! So I took a look at the site. And it was worth it.

First of all, I was impressed by the user interface. You can immediately find cards that fit into different categories: Cards, their customers had voted as best cards, Great choices for balance transfers, Best rates for everyday purchases, and the cards recommended by experts for people with poor credit (which could happen to us all).

Of course, you can apply for your chosen card online, which is what gives the site its income. And I guess that makes the site perhaps a bit selective in its choices of credit cards to propose. Any way, that’s what the guest might think, when he visits the site.

You have to either live in US, Canada, UK or Belgium, in order to be able to get a credit card online through the site. Which rules me out. We’re living in France, which is close to both UK and Belgium, but not close enough.

If you have any questions concerning credit cards, you can ask the experts at credit cards online and get the answer per email.

Overall, you get a change to easily compare the different offers, the rates, the annual fees (if any) etc.

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