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Often, we are so busy trying to make money that we tend to forget that saving money on many occasions is better. Peazyshop is not only about making money, but it’s a money saving blog. This is a sponsored review of Peazyshop.

peazyshop a money making and money saving blog

Who is writing?

The first thing, I want to know when I visit a blog, is: Who is writing? Why should I trust him? I’m not alone in doing so, but the author of this money saving blog is either very shy or not aware of this fact. There’s no “About” page, and whois doesn’t tell who’s behind the domain. All I know is that the letter I received, proposing me to write a review of this blog, was signed by “Ross”.

Please, Ross, tell us more 🙂

The Looks

When you go to the money saving blog, you find a clean three column template with no apparent moneytizing.

The feedburner widget tells us that there are only 18 readers, so perhaps this piece of information should better have been hidden. Some people might be scared away, if “nobody else is reading”, but on the other hand, if the content is worth reading, who would want to care about what others do?

I would have loved more pictures in the articles, just for the looks of it 🙂

More quality than quantity

Ross only writes less than 10 articles monthly. There are many good pieces of advise about how to save money, e.g. on Christmas presents, without compromising on the quality. There are certainly several articles that I’m going to study more thoroughly, like this one: Making a guaranted profit gambling online. (I’m not a gambler, but I love the psychology in playing poker and would like to play for money, too.)


So – is it good? Yes.

Could it be better? Yes, and with very few means.

I’m going to subscribe to the blog (so now there would be 19 readers on Feedburner) and keep an eye on it.

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