Should You Buy Operation Money Pump?

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Operation Money PumpPerhaps you have already received on or more salesletters promoting Operation Money Pump?

I have, and one of them was so well written that I took a look at the site. What I saw sounded really, really good! Read on to know, if I still think that after having read the book (67 closely written pages). You may be surprised.

I had no scruples paying the price, $67 (he says he’ll double the price now), because Mr X (the author) promised among other things to reveal the following:

  • How to go from 0 to $1000 in 7 days
  • The most powerful sales technique in the world
  • How you can raise the number of opened emails with 417%

And many other exiting things.

The book was to tell the secrets necessary for you to have your own money machin, pumping thousands of dollars into your bank account.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Would you think that $1 per page was too expensive, when it’s that kind of secrets you are being whispered in your ears?

Besides, there was a money back garantee, so nothing to lose, everything to win! From 0 til $1000 in seven days! Wow, that is something!

So I purchased, downloadet and printed out the book.

Closely Written

At first, I was very disappointed, because the book contained 67 very closely written pages with very long paragraphs. But then I pulled myself together. More text shouldn’t be consideret disappointing, but refreshing. That meant that I would learn much more.

But when I started, the disappointment went back.

The book is far from bad. It’s just not what was promised in the sales letter.

In no place could I learn how to go from 0 til $1000 in seven days. I didn’t see the most powerful sales technique in the world either. How to increase the number of opened emails – Well, thanks! These kind of advice I’ve found elsewhere for free. I even give them myself.

All in all a very informative book, if it had been promoted as “All the basic stuff you should know before starting to make money online”.

It is very rare that I learn nothing from an ebook. Even the most basic ones will always teach me something. Here? Nothing, nada, sjumdavar, rien, nichts, intet.

So for only the second time in my life, I ask to get my money back. Shortly after, I received an answer saying that I should forward my receive, and they would return my payment. Today I received a mail from Clickbank saying the same thing. They money hasn’t been returned to PayPal yet, but I think it’s just a matter of hours.

It always make me kind of sad to ask for my money back, but on the other hand, you should be responsible for what is written in the sales letter on your homepage. It is namely of no use to have the worlds best salesletter, if the product doesn’t live up to it.

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