7 Secrets to List Building Lift Off

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Tellman Knudson is one of my favourite Internet marketers. He also happens to be one of the best, when it comes to list building, so I will let him tell you about how you can begin building your list. You have to go through seven steps, but Tellman explains it all so well and easy to understand. Just read on:

7 Secrets to List Building Lift Off
By Tellman Knudson

People often want to know what they need to do to start list building. They often know a little about computers, and less about Internet Marketing. Let me give you the 7 simple steps that can start building your list very, very quickly.

1. Pick your passion: What do you love to do? What can you be so wrapped up in, day and night, something that won’t bore you, ever? When you start your day, what do you look forward to doing? It can be anything from beekeeping to bottle collecting, the topic doesn’t really matter, as long as there are people searching for keywords around that topic on a regular basis. Try to think of two or three things that will sustain your interest, in case one or two don’t pan out.

2. Do some research: Write a list of words that are used in your niche and then, go to http://inventory.overture.com/ . Type the words into the blank, one at a time, and see how many searches are done for the terms. If your primary keywords generate 3,000 searches or more per month, you probably have a niche to work with. If you see there are 20,000 to 30,000 searches, then you definitely have a winner. Just be aware that the very heavily searched niches are probably very competitive. You may want to start list building around a smaller niche

3. Create a unique domain name: Your domain name should have something to do with what you’re list building around. For instance, my site MyFirstTraffic.com is for my beginner’s traffic course. Makes sense, right? It makes it easy for people searching to find it my site and buy my product, and it makes it easy for the search engines to figure out what my site is about for indexing. Just be sure the name you choose isn’t too long or difficult for people to remember.

4. Choose a web host: The most important factor here is dependability. Don’t ever base your choice of web host on price because the cheapest hosts may just close shop and leave you hanging. You also want to be sure they have nearly 100% uptime. It’s impossible for a host to have no downtime at all because upgrades and repairs are always needed. Just be sure that they have a good uptime reliability factor. You may want to delay buying your domain name until you choose a web hosting company, too. Many of them include a domain name or two with your hosting package. If you’re just starting out, you may not need a very complicated plan, but if you’re starting a membership site, say, where you’ll need to use PHP extensions, then, you’ll want something a bit more expensive. If you don’t know what you need, you’ll probably have a tech person working with you anyway, so you can always ask them for a recommendation.

5. Make a list building or squeeze page: Use a graphic of some sort, three to five benefits of joining your list and an opt-in box. Done! List building pages are very simple to make, but they will require…

6. An autoresponder: This service collects and maintains your list for you. They also send out confirmation messages to people who sign up, just to verify that they want to be part of your list. This protects you from spam complaints when somebody on your list forgets that they signed up and accuses you of spamming. There are server-side options for autoresponders, too, but having it housed elsewhere is usually a better option. They take all the aggravation out of list building for you.

7. Get your list building page onto your server: Try to use FTP, which makes uploading files to your server quick and easy. Programs like Wise FTP or Cute FTP make uploading files quick and easy. If you’re going to do business online, it’s something you really should learn.

Follow these 7 steps, and then drive some traffic to your new list building page. Actually, list building is pretty simple, once you get the hang of it, but there are things to consider before you start. Find a niche, choose a great domain name, a dependable web hosting service and the type of autoresponder that suits your taste. Then, upload your list building page to the server and there you go! You’re list building!

Tellman Knudson, CEO of OvercomeEverything, Inc., is a master list builder and well-known for his first project, List Crusade. Tellman teaches you his system for explosive list building at MyFirstList.com.

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