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Oh, yeah, that’s English, all right in the headline. These are just some words you might never had heard before.

I’ve just created my first lens at Squidoo, and you can make one too. You can even get paid for it.

A lens is a one page homepage with different modules. You don’t need to know anything about HTML or coding in order to make your own lens. Cool, huh?

You don’t need to buy a domain either, or in any other way make investments. It’s enough that you write a text, put on some pictures and what ever you might wish.

You lens will show up at Google very quickly, because there’s already a lot of traffic to Squidoo.

Register as a user through this link, and you’ll get an extra $5, when you’ve earned your first $15:

Miss Money Maker, that’s me 😉 Actually, everything is an experiment from my part. Everybody is talking about Squidoo, and I hadn’t tried it before. Now I’ve made my first lens, and it only took very little time. What took time was not the lens, but saving the ebook, uploading it, creating autoresponders etc. You don’t need to do any of this, if you only want to create lenses with content.

Do you want to see my first lens? (Please say “Yes” 😉 ):

And now go join yourself 😉

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