Are You Selling Stuff? Give A Money Back Garantee

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There are so many people out there selling stuff – this ebook will bring you millions of dollars, this video will send thousands of visitors to your site. And what if it doesn’t work?

This is the question every potential buyer asks him self: What if it doesn’t work? Who takes the risk?

If you want to convert visitors into buyers, it is imperative that you take the full risk. Give a 30 days money back garantee. Or perhaps longer? And if somebody for any reason wants their money back, after this period, give him his money back. Don’t make the biggest mistake in the world to argue with people about peanuts. (See my earlier entry about bad customer service.) You may be right, but one unsatisfied customer can ruin your business, so bite your tongue and give the money back. If you do it the right way, you can end up getting a real faithful customer who talks about your good service to all his friends and business associates.

Do This If You Want To Send Your Customers Away

Tonight, I received a link to a sales letter that promised over $4,000 a week – with out telling what it was all about. This always makes me suspicious, but I was totally convinced about not buying, when I read the Refund Policy that said:

Refund Policy!
This purchase is non-refundable.
1. Because I am providing the details for you to review the products beforehand, so, if you don’t like what you see, simply don’t purchase it and then you will not need to ask for a refund – it can’t get any easier than that!
2. Because most likely you are getting it at ridiculously low price at only $9!
Fair enough? Let’s Go For It Then!

Well? Yes, he was right. I simply didn’t purchase the product. I left!

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