Should You Make Your Own Info Products Or Sell Others’?

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One of the best things to sell on the Internet is info products. This has several reasons:

  • People want them.
  • They are easy to deliver.
  • They are fast to deliver (and people want things fast).
  • People are willing to pay for knowledge.
  • You don’t have to have a stock.

Now, should you decide to sell info products, you have two choices: Sell your own products or others’. Which is the better?

Well, that depends, and let me tell you the ups and downs of both choices.

Your Own Stuff

If you want to sell your own info products, you have to write them yourself or buy someone to do it. Or you can make an interview and record it. Or you can make a movie.

In any way, you have to take serious action.

Not that it’s impossible, but this does mean that you have to work a bit. Are you willing to do that?

If you sell your own stuff, you can also make back end products. That’s where you make the big money. Sell a small ebook for $7, then make an One Time Offer (called OTO) for $67.

But selling might not be that easy, because who are you to make info products? Are you know as an expert in the field? How will you reach a large number of people?

You should also make a sales page, pay for a copywriter, contact possible Joint Venture (JV) partners etc.

You should consider these things, before making your own products.

Other People’s Stuff

You can go to ClickBank or other affiliate portals and find brilliant info products to sell. Many will give you as much as 75%, and if you should fall over a $7 ebook, the author most of the time even let you keep 100% of the price.

The authors are for the most part well known and recognized as experts in their field. So you wouldn’t need to do that much persuasion in order to get people to buy. Normally, they have a nice sales page, they paid for a good copywriter, and they did all the hard work for you. Why should you bother making your own, then?

Well, perhaps for the back end products. If you’re the affiliate, you might end up sending people away from you and to the original author, who can do an upsell, from which he keeps all the money (or some of it, depending on the marketer).

Start With The Easy Part

I tried both. I’ve sold a lot of my own info products (in Danish), but I had the advantage of being a published writer in Denmark. With more than 20 books on the market, it’s more easy to convince people to buy an ebook from you.

I’ve also sold affiliate products.

My advice to you is to start with affiliate products, i.e. other people’s stuff. It’s easier, and you can make quite nice profits this way. Then later on, if you are burning to make your own products, go ahead and do so! It could quite possible bring you a very large sum of money, but it will almost surely give you more work.

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