Is Joel Right?

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Joel Comm is the master of AdSense, no doubt about it, but I’ve just discovered something that made me doubt whether everything he says is right or not.

Most of my AdSense income come from one site: It’s in Danish, and I’ve more than 1,100 tips and tricks online about programs, the Internet, homepages etc. Then the other day I launched a new site:

This new site, well, I actually have cheated a bit, because for a while (since Christmas) I’ve been sending out a tip almost each day, telling about a funny homepage, a funny movie etc. I had almost 250 people on that list, which isn’t really much.

But I thought that those tips didn’t really belong on, so I bought this new domain.

Already the first tip brought me about $20. The second, likewise. The third, today, shows me that while tips-og-tricks is still number one with one of the AdSense blogs, is number two and three for the only two AdSense blogs I’ve got there.

On I have an AdSense link unit on top, and I have an adunit in the middle of each tip.

So these two units almost conqueur 1,100 tips on a much larger page.

Joel Comm tells us to use as many AdSense blogs as we’re allowed to, which right now means three units, one link unit, and also referral buttons.

On I only have a link unit and an AdSense blog. It makes me almost as much money with three tips as more than 1,100 tips does on

What do you think? Should I change the looks of

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