Funny Money Out There In Cyberspace

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There's plenty of ways to make money. There are hard earned money, and there are easy money. But why make money, of you've already got them?

The following is a paid review: We talk a lot about making money. It's not that we are not willing to work, but we want work to be fun! And that's why we are looking and searching to find ways to make easy money on the net, offline, everywhere.

But do we ever stop to ask, if it's necessary to make money, or we perhaps already have money? How can you find out?

Well, one way is to search at a href=””>cashunclaimed. According to this site, 9 in 10 Americans are owed cash that sits unclaimed year after year. So, are you curious about if some of that money was for you?

I certainly was, so I typed “Britt Malka” in the two fields. Nope! Nothing, nada, rien, chum davar etc. etc. In short: No money out there for me.

So I thought: Whom do I know that's American? And of course I thought of the CEO of CodeWeavers that make CrossOver Office. Nope! He hadn't any hidden money out there either.

But then I came up with a person that certainly had! Lots of them. Of course!

James Bond has unclaimed cash

So now we are talking! If I were James, I would certainly pay to get to know if all that money really belonged to me! After all, for Mr. Bond it was only a question of $11. Wouldn't you have paid that? I would! Especially since there's a money back guarantee.

The unclaimed cash could come from the following sources:

1) forgotten savings and checking accounts
2) uncashed checks
3) securities
4) dividends
5) insurance refunds or claims
6) oil royalties
7) wages
8) utility refunds/deposits
9) bail bonds
10) child support payments

While I think this page is mostly funny, it could be of practical use for people resident of the USA. Since there was no money in it for me, I haven't tested the paid service, but if the company keeps their word, you will not get cheated, since you have the money back guarantee. So it seems to me that if the company is honest, you have nothing to lose and much to gain. If you are among the persons that has unclaimed cash somewhere out there.

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