My Danish Book About Making Money Online Soon To Be Published

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My editor wrote and told me today that my book has been send to print. Usually, this means that the book will be in the shops all over Denmark in two-three weeks. This is how the book will be looking: Tjen penge på nettet. What do you think?

On the back of the book, and in the foreword, there are some important informations. While a lot of people dream about making money on the Internet, because they think they can be on the beach all day (not in Denmark, though!) and just receive tons of income on auto-pilot, the reality is different. You have to work! Perhaps even work harder, than when you had your dayjob. The goal is not to stop working, but to work with something you are passionate about. So I warn people that the target group is only the persons that are willing to work to make profit.

How do you feel about that?

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