What Should You Write About?

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People tell me they don't know what to write about on their blogs. And yet, all the same time they tell me interesting stories.

Like today.

My husband and I were talking over lunch, and I told him something about how a person was asking others to pray for his kids.

So my husband told me a story (that he had told me several times before, but I don't mind) about a couple who had six (6!) kids, and whenever they asked others for help – just to get some time off by themselves, or some extra money – these others would answer: We'll pray for you.

His solution to their problem surprised me, but it was a wise solution.

He told them that they had chosen to get the kids, and now they had to accept that they had them.

They also had to learn that you do not need time without kids. You can fullfill yourself with kids, just as well.

My husband has a blog about psychology, so I asked him: Why don't you write a blog post about that?

He answered: About what?

Me: Well, about the story you just told me.

He argued that why should people want to read about that story, but I said that many people could learn from it, even though their problems were not exactly like this young couple's.

So there you have it!

Write down the stories you tell others in your blog.

If the subject isn't fitting for the blog? No problem! Create another blog.

I have blogs about different subjects like writing, making money online, cats, computer tips, herbs and oils, the law of attraction and other things I'm interested in. I don't write on all those blogs daily, but whenever I feel like writing about something, I always have the right blog to write on.

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And then – just go write stuff 🙂

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