How I Made My First Money Online

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Like so many others, who now earn their living on the Internet, I started out with a product, which was not meant to make me any profit.

The most important thing at all, when it comes to making money on the Internet, is that it should be fun! If it isn’t, you could just as well earn your living at the assembly line, behind the cash register, or at the office, wouldn’t you agree?

Several years ago … Wow! Yes! March 10 2003, i.e. four years ago, the first person joined my at that time latest invention: A mailing list with tips and tricks. Actually, he was one of our closest friend. In the days to follow another 9 friends joined. My first list was created!

My idea was to send out fun or interesting tips and tricks about the computer, the Internet or the homepage.

Two month later another friend, who was already making money online, told me about the advertising bureau, he used. If I were interested? Well, I could give it a try, of course.

This bureau actually only cooperated with large lists with several thousand members. I had 110 then. But they were really nice and gave me a chance.

So each Friday, when I send out my five tips, I put the same number of text ads in my e-mail. On July 10, the same year, I was proud! I could send out my first invoice. In two month, I’ve made $16.21.

Well, things have changed since then, but these were the first money I made online, and I reached my goal with a list of only 110 persons.

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