Make Updating Of Your Blogging Script And Plugins Easy

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If you are hosting your own blogs, and they are created with WordPress or another blogging script, you should make it easy for yourself to update the script, whenever there’s a newer version. Failing to do that can cost you a lot of trouble, because there are often security holes in those popular scripts, and it’s easy for script kiddies to gain access to your server, if you do not keep your blogging script updated. Here’s how to make the process easy:

In most FTP programs you can created folders to keep short cuts to your domains. You should create a folder called “Blogs” and put short cuts directly to the blog folder on the server.

On your own harddisk you should also create a folder called “Blogs” or “WordPress”, or whatever you decide on. In this folder you should keep everything that has to do with the blogging script: plugins, themes, blogging script etc.

In your FTP program you should use this folder as your local folder for all of your blogs.

FileZilla - folder for blogs
Here you can see it done with FileZilla on Windows.

When you need to update the blogging scripts, or you find a new and interesting plugin, it’s easy to update all of your blogs with it, and you don’t risk forgetting one of them.

Transmit - folder for blogs
And this in on my Mac, the computer I use now. This is my folder for blogs.

Always, when you are doing something on the Web, you should make it as easy for you as possible.

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