Profit From The Upcoming Season

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In November and December last year, I made tons of money from AdSense. Why? I send out small tips about Xmas, and people flocked to my site to see them. Of course they also clicked some AdSense ads on their way.

Easter isn’t far away now. Do you profit from it? How can you do?

Well, of course this depends on what kind of site or blog, you have.

One of my biggest sites is about tips and tricks for the computer, Internet and home-page. There’s lots of pages about easter bunnies, funny flash games, easter Java-Scripts to put on the home-page etc. So I pic those I find best myself, and I send out one each day. For this particular site I have an email list. So I send out one tip, each day, but I only include a part of the text. In order to read the rest and to get the URL or the script or whatever, my list members have to click on the link and go to my page. There I have of course AdSense.

Another angle could be to blog about the upcoming season. Do you write about a certain subject, like e.g. psychology? Write about how Easter (or Christmas) affects people. Do you write about gadgets? Find some Easter related gadgets. A Nabaztag rabbit could do. Write about horror movies? Find “The Killing of the Easter Bunny” or whatever 😉

The Nabaztag rabbit

From doing this you will not only profit from your current readers, but through search-engines like Google and Yahoo! you’ll get new readers, who were searching for subjects related to Easter or Christmas. This could turn into a long term profit relationship.

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