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Britt Malka directly from France with old news.

Old news? Yes, because this is an old, but large success, which I’ve only now purchased myself, and I NEVER recommend something I cannot vouch for myself.

A few months ago people would only talk about Michael Cheney’s AdSense videos. Well, I thought, without having tested my prejudism, that it was rather hyped-up with all that idolization of Cheney all of a sudden. From my point of view he emerged out of nothing, and now he should teach me about AdSense? No way!

(In a hurry? Go to www.money-online101.com/recommends/adsensevideos.html )

Other Videos Made Me Aware

It was first when an old friend told me to buy Michael Cheney’s videoes about list building that something happened. At first, I answered No. I had what I needed about list building, and well, I didn’t quite trust Michael Cheney, but my friend (that makes a lot of money online) insisted. So I purchased them. Saw them. And got very enthusiastic. This is for sure one of the three-four things that’s a MUST, if you are serious about making money online. You can have the link here, if you want to peek, because I’ll talk about those videos later: www.money-online101.com/recommends/11days.html

Those videos are of really high quality. Michael Cheney explains things very well and thorough (sometimes a LITTLE too thorough for somebody, who’s not a newbie with the Internet, but what the …) I learned A LOT!

Back to the AdSense-videoerne

After having watched those videos I remembered the AdSense videos – the first, actually, those that made Michael Cheney famous, og I got my husbands permission to invest in them.

The videos takes you step by step through all the stages of making money with AdSense. You learn how it’s impartant to choose the right subject, how to choose the best subjects from your interests. You learn how to pick the right formats for the ads, and to place them correctly on your site, and how many ads you need to make the most money possible.

The Bonus Videos Themselves Are Worth Every Penny

The bonus videos shows different homepages and Michael Cheney shows how they could be improved. There’s actually a lot to learn from this. For one thing is theory, another is praxis, and a video tells more than a thousand words.

I Hate This, Though!

I can hold only one thing against Michael Cheney’s videoes – They cannot be seen with Firefox on a Mac! This stinks!

So I had to download the files and I watch them directly on my computer in stead of in the browser.

The advantage to this is that I can watch the videos whether I’m online or not.

My Opinion

Definately worth the money! I can only regret that I haven’t bought before!

The Link

Purchase the videos from www.money-online101.com/recommends/adsensevideos.html

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