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One of the most reputated and well-known pro-bloggers is Darren Rowse. He makes well over $14,000 a month, but for the last four years he has written 14 blog postings a day, seven days a week. This guy is really serious about blogging. But less can do it, if you do it in your spare time.

How about two postings a day? Six days a week? Couldn’t you do that, you suppose?

But how do you find inspiration for two posts a day that people would want to read?

In The Supermarked

Each time you are in the supermarked or in a kiosk you should check the titles on the frontpage of newspapers and magazinez. Are there any that has to do with your subject? If papers and magazines put it on the front page there are big changes that this would be of interest for people. Of course, you should not write exactly the same, but it could inspire you to a blog posting.


Talk to others. What are they interested in? What do you have in common? For us it happens often that we talk about something exiting at the dinner table, and most probably there would be something to blog about afterwards.

Remember What You Want To Blog About

Here comes the difficult part: I’ve ofte – quite often, actually – thought: THIS I’ll blog about. And then I’ve totally forgotten what is was that inspired me. Too bad!

Therefore you should buy a little note pad you can have with you all the time. Use a small ballpen or pencil with it. Use it extensively every time you get inspired. Then you can pick and choose between your ideas and easily write your two postings a day.

It works for me!

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