Are You Blogging Only To Make Money?

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Today I read in a blog that we all blogged to make money. But do we really? And do we have to?

If you only blog to make money, and always make sure to have the right keywords in the title and in the text, the content risks to be stiff and boring. Result = Your guests are leaving, and you make no money.

It’s much better to blog to pass on experiences, news, information, etc.

Write, write, write!

When you have written the draft, you can start thinking about having keywords in the title and in the text, but don’t overdo it. Use it to bring variation into your language. Let’s say that you are writing about how to make money on the net. In order not to use the same phrases over and over again, you can alternate between “make money online”, “earn money on the Internet”, “make profits online” etc. This is not to stuff the text with as many keywords as possible, but to vary your language.

Read the text aloud. Does it sound stiff and boring? Or alive and interessting? Only when the latter is the case should you push Publish.

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