Money Making Ideas – Seven Free Ways to Make Money Online

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So you’re looking for new ways to make money online?

There is more to making money online than just the obvious scenarios. It’s not just about the cash. It’s about a lifestyle. It’s about freedom.

But how do you get started if you’re on a shoestring budget and cannot afford to start an ecommerce?

Here are seven free ways you can get started:

#1 – Create a Blogger Blog and Add Articles from Article Directories

There are many ways you can earn some money with Blogger, and this one is not only free – it’s one in which you have to invest very little effort.

Create a blog; choose a nice, simple template; add AdSense ads, and visit several article directories to source related articles. You will simply have to copy and paste them to your blog, but remember to include the author resource box at the end.

#2 – Create a Hub Page and Make Money from a Multitude of Sources

Do the same thing at HubPages. You can also write your own original content and upload this. Add AdSense, Amazon, etc., or source a specific affiliate product you want to promote.

#3 – Create a Squidoo Lens

Squidoo is a lot like HubPages. When you create your lens, you can add all types of monetization like AdSense, Amazon, eBay etc.

#4 – Write on Xomba and Get Paid for Views

Xomba is an interesting place. You can add your articles but, if you can also find an interesting video, then embed it and write a résumé about it.

You will earn money each time your article is viewed.

If you can encourage your friends sign up for Xomba, you’ll also receive a part of their earnings as well.

#5 – Link to Affiliate Products on Forums and Emails

Find an interesting affiliate product, and then visit related forums. Write forum posts or comments, and include your affiliate link along with your signature.

Make sure that this policy is permitted on the specific forum.

#6 – Get Paid for Sharing Files

Do you have some files you wish to share with others? Why not get paid for doing it?

Sign up with, submit your file, and tell people where they can obtain it.

The sum of money you earn depends on which of several surveys your guest chooses to fill out.

#7 – Sell Affiliate Products through YouTube

Be creative. Make a few videos related to an affiliate product; use a link shortener, and add this link to the beginning of the video description. Of course, if you can add a water mark to the video with the same affiliate link, it’s even better.

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  1. Some very good suggestions indeed. 🙂

    If people say they can’t earn money online after reading your excellent article they need glasses. This is simply one of the best lists that truly fits any taste in online money making.

    Keep up the good work, and keep the articles comin’. They’re truly appreciated.

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