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Hi, my name is Britt Malka, and I’ve been making a living on the Internet since 2000. My story, in short, was that we moved from Denmark to France, and I didn’t speak very much French. So I started out by selling programs as an affiliate, and by writing books. I searched for more information about how to get succesfull in selling other people’s stuff, and I stumbled upon the Rhodes Brothers and shortly after that I joined the Simple Cash Blog for the first time.

Well, I’ve actually seen quite a few products about how to make money online, and there are far between really valuable information. So when I received a copy of a report the Rhodes Brothers gave for free to their blog members, I was interested, but sceptic.

Simple Cash Blog is not a blog, you can just visit, read, or subscribe to. You have to pay to become a member, and I wanted to make sure that the blog was worth paying for before joining, so I looked for other reviews of it.

This is some of the testimonials, people have given:

“If you have not tried/purchased Matt and Johns materials before, you are going to be in for a great treat.” – Warriorforum

“Just signed up for the Simple Cash Blog, and I’ve already gotten value from it (well, at least as much value as you can get in about 15 minutes).” – Warriorforum

Anyway, the ebook I got was very inspiring. I was actually on my way to bed, when I printed it out, and it kept me up several hours longer, because I had to get started right away, and since I got some free money making ideas from it, what was there to stop me?

So I joined.

Right now on the Simple Cash Blog, you will be able to find reports like “Need Emergency Cash? How To Earn $275 in 6 Hours…“, and “$10 Hot Reports That Sell Like Crazy“, and “How To Get 10,000 Opt-In List Members In 3 Months” and several others.

You get immediate access to these reports.

What I really like is that this membership site is a blog. And a blog that means comments. And comments means interaction with other users.

Update: Lately, these comments are being moderated, which means there are no new comments to find at the moment, although I for my part have written three. No spamming, three serious comments.

I was pleasantly surprised with meeting other people like me, some with almost no experience at all about making money online, some with a bit, some with a lot, and all of us communicate, we help each other, we share ideas and experiences, good as well as bad.

Both John and Matt Rhodes are present on the blog, although lately not that much.

Obviously, they write the blog posts, but they also read our comments, and answers them. And they also have a help disk, if for some reason the problem is not something we want to tell everybody about.

With the growth of the blog, it can be a bit confusing to keep track of new blog posts, new comments, answers to your comments, etc. I found myself spending too much time checking every post very frequently, until I discovered that you can actually just subscribe to an RSS feed. Doh! Couldn’t be much easier.

Also, some people complained that there were not a forum connected to the blog. Personally, I prefer not to have the forum, because I find it easier to keep track of posts and comments through RSS feeds, but if you are among those who want a forum, too, you’ll be disappointed. But it doesn’t seem to bother people much, anyway, not even those asking for a forum.

And you could also argue that there are not enough posts on the blog. This is about to be changed in the next few days, I’ve heard, and with the material that’s already online, I have enough to fill out my time for a while, so I’m not too worried about it.

Update: A few new things has been added, and some of the old things, I had from my first membership here has returned.

No matter if you join the Simple Cash Blog or not, you can download a free sample of the excellent work the Rhodes Brothers are doing. Check out their report here, and get one of their first money making ideas for free. Membership is currently $27 per month.

I don’t recommend joining anylonger. I’m really sorry to say so, but although it started out well, this has been a disappointment. I have just paid for my third month’s membership, and it will the last.

The reasons are: Not enough material to justify to the price.

Moderated (censured) blog comments.

I know that the brothers have been busy, and that their father is terminally ill, but business is business.

They talked about raising the price to $37. I have, in one of my not yet approved blog comments, recommended them to decrease the price to its original $10. That would be a fair price, and I would probably stay a member for that price.

On another forum, somebody wrote about The Wealthy Affiliate University which I have joined, and although I’ve spent eight hours there the first day, and several the second (this is my third day), there is still much, much more to see. They offer a forum, and since they pay for good forum posts, there are lots of great tips to be found. I printed out a thread started by Travis (Bum marketing), which has taught me a lot. I’ve already earned 2 gold there, and I’m aiming at lots more. I’ll make a review soon, when I know more about that membership.

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