Attractor Factor by Amanda Craven – What Will You Learn? My Review

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Make money thanks to Google

I have something for you today that I think you'll like.

It's about how you can make money thanks to Google and the fail of social media.

You can help other people make money and get paid for doing so.

You know it from your own experience: all businesses need traffic.

Today, traffic is harder and harder to get. Google throws Penguins and Pandas at us, and people no longer share as much on social media.

That's where you could enter the playground.

Google values authority blogs higher than blogs with little content or low-quality articles.

What if you could help blog owners who have neglected blogs and get paid for it? By writing one or a couple of blog posts per week?

And we're not talking about accepting content-mill prices for this. We're talking $50 or more for a blog post.

You might be thinking: who wants to pay that kind of prices for blog posts? (At least, that was what I thought at first…)

Amanda Craven, who has just released The Attractor Factor, tells us who wants to pay. And she tells where to find those clients, too.

In four exciting videos and documents and templates, you'll get what you need in order to set up a profitable business AND help your customers to become your happy clients.

It's a win-win.

Grab this and you could get your first client and get paid today:

Fastest way to money

I have yet to see a way that leads to faster money than this.How to Make Money Thanks to Google and the Failure of Social Media

If you can write blog posts for others, it's almost instant payments.

The problem with being a ghostwriter, though, is twofold:

  1. Most ghostwriters try to find clients through portals like iWriter, which means ridiculously low payouts.
  2. Using a portal means competing against other ghostwriters – often competing on prices, which again means ridiculously low payouts.

And yet, writing for others is the fastest way I know to make money.

I wouldn't do it in the long run, although some do. Like Amanda Craven, who shares one of her favorite methods in The Attractor Factor.

She also bypasses the problems with portals. She doesn't use them. She shows you how you can find high-paying clients in two very easy ways.

If you're serious about wanting to make money, you should get started today.

Write for money – how to find customers

The fastest way to get paid a decent amount of money is by writing for others.

The trick is to find someone to write for, who needs your service AND has money to pay.

Yesterday, I told you that Amanda Craven's “Attractor Factor” contained four videos and several documents.

Well… She's gone and added more videos.

One is about how you can search for and find suitable customers WITH money to pay for content.

If you're looking for fast cash, this could be exactly what you need.

How fast can you make your money back?

If you're anything like me, you want a fast return on investment.

So you might be thinking…

Hmm… This is around $17… Will this be just another expense? Or is there a chance that I can actually make this amount back and then some?

And when?

I don't have months to wait for this to happen.


But if you watch the few short videos and then get started right away, you can make AT LEAST $50 within a couple of days. Theoretically the same day.

The price goes up for every two or three sales. Don't wait too long.

Clever questions from subscribers

I love that I have such sharp subscribers.

Because that means lots of clever questions when I promote a product.

Last night (yes, I broke my good habit of NOT doing business after 5 pm and checked email last night…)

Last night, I got an email from a smart subscriber, who was trying to guess what does Amanda teach in Attractor Factor?

My replies are beneath his questions.

What is Amanda talking about? The usual way you get clients appears to be:

  1. 1. Build a portfolio.

She doesn't even mention that word.

  1. 2. Tell the world whether it is your local business, the barber etc., that you write.

Nope. But she does show you how you CAN find local businesses (through
LinkedIn) if you want to go for local businesses.

  1. 3. Cold call if you are brave.

No. But cold emails.

  1. 4. Find an agency unless you are willing to do the legwork.


  1. 5. Guest post.


  1. 6. Advertise those posts.


  1. 7. Try new media such as the steam networks that pay you for attention.


  1. 8. Social media advertising??


If Amanda's not talking about all that…

Then what exactly is she talking about?

She's talking about how you can write for others, about topics that YOU chose.

How you can find new clients who can also afford to pay you well for your writings.

How to find clients without working on portfolios or going through agencies (or cheap writer sites like iWriter).

In fact, in her first case study she uses LinkedIn to show you how she herself found a client there. You'll get all the templates you need in order to ask the right questions to your future clients.

This is NOT DFY

I just watched a marketer saying that Attractor Factor by Amanda Craven was “done-for you.”

It's not.

If you buy it, I don't want you to think that it's some push-button money-maker.

It's not. It's the real thing.

It's a method you can use to make money by helping people with their blogs.

Oh, wait, not just “people.” But people who can afford it and who'll make more money thanks to you.

You decide the topics.

What Amanda does give you is the templates she uses to audit blog owners. I think that was what the marketer called “done-for-you.”

I wouldn't call them that. I would call them templates you can utilize as they are, or change, or adapt, and make good use of the way you see fit.

This is how Amanda makes money herself. You can do it – or you can outsource it.

Check it here

This is why you need video 6

Doing anything for clients can be a pain in the hiney.

It can also be a wonderful experience.

To make sure that it's the latter, you really need to watch video 6 in Amanda Craven's Attractor Factor.

She teaches you what kind of questions you should ask, and what you need to agree to before you even start.

I wish I'd had that video years ago. It would have saved me a lot of time and pain.

Watch the videos in order, and make sure to take plenty of notes. Especially when it comes to video 6.

Do you have any “funny” stories to share with me about working with clients? Please share.

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