PayPal Permanently Limited His Accounts

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When I learned that one of my colleagues had his two business accounts banned, I had a very selfish reaction.

Oh no! What if that happened to me?

In some countries, there are alternatives to PayPal: Stripe, Zift… But in others, like where I live, I really only have the option of accepting payments through PayPal.

If PayPal “permanently limited” – like they call it – my accounts, I would lose the money I had saved up for next month’s expenses, and I would be without means to continue my online business.

I quit my day job in 1995. I have no desire to get back to working for somebody else, leaving early in the morning, getting back late, slaving for a mediocre salary.

Luckily, I have a trump card, and you should get one, too.

Do You Write?

Do you have a list of subscribers you write to on a regular basis?

You might argue that, yes, you do, but your income from that list goes to PayPal. I’ll get back to that with an alternative idea in a moment.

How do you address your list?

Do you write engaging emails that make your subscribers laugh and cry and react to you?

Or do you simply copy/paste swipe emails from vendors and hope for the best? (If so, then you have work to do.)

Do you write blog posts? Facebook posts?

Do you write reports and ebooks?

Then I Have Good News for You

If you write in any way now, you can write and publish book on Amazon and get paid without having a PayPal account.

But I can’t write a book.

Yes, you can. With the right guidelines.

Now, let’s just figure out your strengths first.

Do You Love to Tell Stories?

You just need to take a look at your present writing.

Is your emails filled with stories? Your Facebook posts? Your blog posts?

Then writing fiction might be the next step for you.

Fiction is HOT.

One of the worst things I’ve ever said in public was that to make money you should write nonfiction. Not fiction.

That was before Amazon came out with their Kindle and created KDP for self-publishing authors.

Now, things have changed.

You can still make good money with nonfiction, but fiction readers are voracious.

You don’t even have to write perfect literature. Practically, anyone with a good story to tell can join.

Are You Good with Facts?

If you look at your emails and social media posts, are you constantly explaining things?

Or do you share your experiences and what you’ve learned? Do you help solve people’s problems?

Then writing nonfiction shouldn’t be much different from what you’re doing now.

With a little help, you could have your first book published on Amazon in a couple of days.

And Why Should It Be That Great to Write Books?

Because if you write and publish books on Amazon, they will pay you either directly to your bank account or by check.

Since I don’t live in the US, I can’t get a US bank account. Except a virtual one.

I signed up with Payoneer many years ago and I’ve saved a small fortune in fees since then. Not to mention getting rid of all the stress over checks that show up late – or never show up.

If you live outside of the US, I highly recommend it. Use my link, and you’ll even get paid to sign up, once you’ve earned enough money to your card.

Amazon pays you every month for the books you’ve sold two months earlier.

Sky High Royalties

When I wrote books for IDG Books, they paid me 10% royalties at first. After a few books, they raised it to 15%.

If you sell your books through KDP, you can earn up to 70%, just by pricing your books between $1 and $9.99.

That’s a huge difference.

My books sold for 59 DKK ($8.95), but I was paid royalties of the net amount, not including VAT, so I earned 15% of 47 DKK ($7.15), or around 7.08 DKK per book (around $1).

If I had sold the books through Amazon, the same $8.95 would have made me $6.25.

Sure, the publishing house did a great job at promoting my books. Still – I could have sold 6 times less the number of books I sold to make the same royalty and get paid every month instead of twice a year.

So even though self-publishing authors are supposed to do their marketing themselves, we get paid well to do so. And once your book takes off, Amazon will push it further to make more sales.

Here’s the Thing – You’ll Make More Money NOW Selling PDF Books Online

That’s why most of my nonfiction books are sold as ebooks, PDF, from my own sales pages and not from Amazon.

But I also write fiction. I don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket.

Why not start now?

If you write nonfiction, you can use your books on Amazon to grow your list. Sell your backlist.

If you write – or want to write – fiction, that’s an extra income source right there.

How to Get Started

Let me know if you’re interested. I have guides for both fiction writers and nonfiction writers. I have courses for advanced writers and beginners.

You can read more and sign up for my lists at

I love to write. And being paid to write for yourself – full time – is wonderful.



2 thoughts on “PayPal Permanently Limited His Accounts”

  1. Thanks for the inspiration. I might add that you also wrote some very fine books back in the IDG/Libris days. I am quite sure many fondly remember the many step-by-step guides you created, and I know friends who read your books did improve their IT-skills, so a huge thumbs-up from Denmark. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Henrik 🙂 I still see familiar Danish names on my subscriber list. So some probably do remember those 😀

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