How to Make Almost $10K with One Email

Here are two guys talking and laughing.

I kind of understand why they laugh, when the email they read out aloud made the almost $10,000 in 24 hours.

Why did it work that well?

Think about it. I leave my comments beneath the video with Noah Kagan and Neville Medhora, the previous email writer for AppSumo.

When Neville wrote the emails, they were great, and I bought a lot from AppSumo.

These days, I don't buy nearly as much from them. Their new copywriters aren't as good, and they don't convince me that I really need what they have.

Anyway, what is it that made this particular email work so well? Any ideas?

I See Three Things

At least. But the things I see are:

  • The email is funny and entertaining.
  • The email uses sex. Fonts are compared to women, without Neville ever mentioning it. But the image is clear.
  • Neville points out the benefits, the “what's in it for me (the reader)”.

He spells things out to make sure the point goes home. He doesn't just say that you get lifetime access for the price of one year's subscription. He spells out what it means to have lifetime access, like never having to pay again etc.

He makes the abstract concrete.

What other things do you see in this email?

$9,564 in 24 Hours: Email Marketing Tips from AppSumo [Copy This]

How do you succeed in email marketing?

Lots of people will give you broad tips... but they actually don't work. As someone who has built multiple 7-figure businesses primarily because of email marketing, I want to show you what ACTUALLY works.

In this video, I share behind-the-scenes of the AppSumo early days (I'm the founder). We'll talk with Neville Medhora, who wrote AppSumo's first $10,000 email. Today, Neville is a 6-figure copywriting consultant behind the online course "Kopywriting Kourse."

Hear the exact word-for-word copy behind the AppSumo email which generated $9,654 in 24 hours.

Then, learn why this email was so important to AppSumo's early days — and use these email marketing tips for your business too.

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