Would You Say ‘No’ to a Great Offer?

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Of course you wouldn't.

If somebody offers you the infoproduct you've been sighing for, you would say ‘yes', wouldn't you?

Or if a big marketer approached you and said, “How about I write an email for you about my product. And you send it to your list and get paid. Doesn't that sound good?”

What would you say?

What's He Up To?

Yes, you might be skeptical if that happened to you. At least now, while you're reading my questions. But in real life?

I know that I've been in awe several times, just because one of those big guys noticed me. Oh, wow, he knows of my existence?

It's extremely hard to say ‘no', and perhaps it's perfectly all right to say ‘yes'.

What Should You Look For?

When should you say ‘yes' and when should you say ‘no'?

I've done affiliate marketing since 1998, and I've had lots of good as well as bad experiences.

Inside my Private Newsletter, I share with you what you should look for, and when it would be better to say ‘no'. And I tell you never to be afraid to say ‘no' either.

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