Will you group and work with me?

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Would it help you get started if you had someone you could ask for help, while doing the tasks?

Yesterday, I mailed you Paul Nicholls’ “Campervan Commissions”, and that course really excited me.

So much that I thought, “hm… why not turn this into a group challenge?”

I know you can do this.

I know HOW you can do it: By taking one step at a time.

But I also know about being overwhelmed, especially since I have ADD. Then sometimes an email asking me, “Are you in?” is enough to confuse me for days. Because “being in” includes so many things, like going through a product, reviewing it, writing mails… Just thinking about those three words makes my head buzz.


Ugh, that’s a nasty feeling.

And I know from mails I get that you might be overwhelmed, too. So many people write and tell me that they’ve spent hundreds of dollars on products and still they don’t know where to start.

I get that feeling.


So I want to help you.

Paul’s course is like tailored for going through it step by step, and then turning it into a weekly or twice-weekly (is that bi-weekly?) routine.

First, there are the basic things that must be in order.

Once they are, we get to the fun part.

But I would love to offer my help if you want to start out on this journey.

Will you group and work with me?

If that’s a “yes” then I have one further question: Where? In a Facebook group or on a forum? Or simply inside a membership on a blog?

Hit reply and let me know.

Meanwhile, here’s a link to Paul’s course. The price goes up on a dimesale, so check it out now.

Once I know where to set up the group, I’ll leave a link inside WarriorPlus, so you’ll find it where you bought Paul’s course.

The link ==> http://malka.im/campervan

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