Inboxing Pro questions and objections

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(First: If you're both a subscriber to my writers' list and to my money-online list, you'll get this email twice, because I have you on two different systems right now.)

If you're as much as considering getting Inboxing Pro, the autoresponder I promoted yesterday, I want to remind you of something I nearly forgot myself:

It's available for only $27, but the price goes up in less than 5 hours.

I was late to discover it, because I don't normally scout the WarriorPlus best-seller lists like a vulture over a thirsty man in the desert. But better late than never, right?

After my email, I got questions and a serious objection.

One of the first mails I got about Inboxing Pro scared me. You'll know why in a moment, but I really feared that I'd recommended something that I shouldn't have.

One of my subscribers asked an anti-spam attorney and an expert at the technicalities of email servers and email marketing what she thought about Inboxing Pro, and she said, “I wouldn't touch it”.

I asked what had motivated the attorney to say so, and got the following answer:

  1. The domain was only registered a couple of months ago
  2. the site looks like cr*p
  3. there are exactly two companies in the word that certify email senders (us and ReturnPath) so the hook of “trusted sender reputation” is misleading
  4. The entire thing is built on getting to the Gmail inbox, and following best practices will do that… plus everybody knows that a) the algorithms at the receivers change regularly
  5. they talk about “3 protocols applied by every receiver”…bllsht

Any time you do something to get around the protections that ISPs have in place, you look like a spammer

The process is known as snowshoeing, and it is dangerous to your reputation as an emailer.

That's something of a mouthfull, right?

The autoresponder just launched, so I'm not surprised that the domain is young, and I don't think the site looks bad. But that's a matter of taste. Does Aweber's site look great? GetResponse's? They all three favor blue and white it seems…

In Bob Bly's and Kim Stacey's book “Secrets of Successful E-Mail Marketing” they go over the ways to obtain good delivery, and they include the same measures that Inboxing Pro does. It's something that SMTP provider SparkPost does too in every email they send to their members. I'm getting a 96% accepted mails with them, and they tell me how I can improve that. Why haven't I done so already? Because it takes some technical work. Work that Inboxing Pro does for you.

I'm sorry, but I send three emails daily, and best practices don't help me get into Gmail's inbox. Sometimes one mail hits while another one misses. Again, I've taken some measures (like only including one link in the email, avoiding images…) but other than that, there's the technical set up which I haven't done. With Inboxing Pro that's done for me.

Point #5 – true, perhaps not every receiver applies the 3 protocols. Some might let spam go right through. The purpose of using this autoresponder is not to spam. You'll need either your own SMTP domain or third parties like SparkPost, SendGrid etc. and THEY won't accept spam.

I strongly disagree that using DKIM to identify your mailing domain you look like a spammer.

That's like saying that by registering your company name you look like a crook. It doesn't make sense to me.

And I looked up snowshoeing which is something completely different. Look it up. This is a short excerpt: “Snowshoers use many fictitious business names (DBA – Doing Business As), fake names and identities, and frequently changing postal dropboxes and voicemail drops.”

With Inboxing Pro you send from the same domains every time. You use the same IP number. You use the same names.

My conclusion: This attorney made a quick judgment and now she's defending it.

Her arguments don't make sense to me. I'll leave it up to you to judge.

Do you have to buy more than one copy?

I got a question from a subscriber who wanted to use it for more than one persona. This could happen if you run a list under a pen name, if you're a writer for example.

You can set up each list individually with a new from name and add all the sending domains, so that each become trusted senders thanks to the DKIM keys. (Something that to my knowledge all web hosts offers inside cPanel. I still can't believe how an expert can see this as making me look like a spammer.)

Will I only mail to Gmail users?

No, you can mail all kind of users. They use Gmail as an example on the front page, because Gmail is known for putting marketing mails on the Promotion tab. Even some of my private emails, sent from my email client, went there, by the way. Following best practices or not 😉

I wish I had more time

I would have loved to show you each function in a separate email, but the price goes up in four hours.

I bought it myself this morning. I'm also going to buy the two upsells (PLR membership + lifetime access). I have full confidence in this. I would have preferred the autoresponder to be self-hosted, but I know that you might prefer hosted, because it's less technical work.

So here it is – it's up to you now to make a decision.

To buy or not to buy?

If you choose like I did, this is the place to go

7 thoughts on “Inboxing Pro questions and objections”

  1. Thanks for the review. Unfortunately the site is down for many hours now. Any reason why? Isn’t that discouraging?

    1. Hi Jerry, I don’t know why it was down. I can only guess… Last week, their PHP code was visible. I made a support ticket, and David said they would take care of it, so maybe their site was down while doing so. Maybe the visible code was due to something else, I don’t know. I just logged in now, and the site is up now, at least.

      1. Thanks for taking the time to reply, Britt.

        Unfortunately I checked now and it’s down yet again.

        Why does it keep getting down like this? It was down for about 24 hours the last time.

        1. Hi Jerry – I’ve been offline since Wednesday afternoon. Did you create a support ticket? I did earlier last week and this is what David Henry replied October 2nd:

          Hi Britt
          We had an issue upgrading our servers and we had to move back to our orginal server which required us to change name servers and this can take up to 48 hours to propagate so we had access issues

          Thankfully, we are back in most areas of the world and the remaining areas will all have access today, we did send out an email to everyone to them and we issued the info below to explain the situation on support

          If any of your customers need more help or information please ask them to contact me via the support desk and I will look aftet them personally

          Further Information and an explanation of our issues

          As you may know, InboxingPro is a new autoresponder service and due to the overwhelming success of the launch we got a lot more customers than anticipated.

          Our existing servers were solid and could easily cope with the customer numbers we have but we made a decision to move to a much bigger server that could handle 100 times the customer numbers we currently have and based on our hosting recommendations and information to say the downtime would be minutes just to move the database we scheduled the work to commence

          We encountered technical issues with the new server configuration and we were forced to return to our existing server until the issues were resolved but this required us to change our name servers back and this is what has caused the downtime because it can take up to 48 hours for DNS records to propagate, this is the error you will see if you can’t access the site,

          “Server DNS Could not be found”

          Just to confirm, all the work has now been completed and full access is back in lots of areas in the world, if you currently don’t have access, please clear your cache and if the issues remain we will be back to full service within the next 24 hours maximum

          Once again let me apologize for the lack of access but I do hope you can appreciate this was caused because we wanted to ensure we provide an outstanding long-term service second to none and not because of any failing in our system which is very important to note

          I would like to thank you for your understanding and hope you appreciate these things can sometimes happen but we are working around the clock to get our full service back for all of our valued customers


          David Henry


  2. Over 24 hours later, your link to this still shows dead link:

    “Invalid link. Please check it and try again.”

    Still down. What’s going on?

    1. If it’s still down (I just came back online and I’m trying to catch up on mail, support tickets and stuff), I highly recommend creating a support ticket, because I think that DNS issue should be over by now.

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