Nun with stomach pain gives birth to a son

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The Italian nun, Sister Roxana Rodriguez, didn’t know she expected a child, when she complained about stomach pain. She’d gained weight but thought that it was because of digestive problems and maybe a urinary infection.

Nevertheless, a few hours later she held her son in her arms.

Another virgin birth? Roxana’s fellow sisters didn’t think so, and she had to leave the monastery.

Poor child. It can’t be the easiest way to begin life, with an unmarried and unemployed mother.

Beginning can be hard.

Speaking of making money online… hehehe okay, we weren’t, but we are now. Beginning can be hard here, too.

Most can be done with work and free means, but there’s one post you must have on your budget:

An autoresponder.

You need it, because you need to build a list, and you need to send mails and communicate with your subscribers.

Aweber, GetResponse and others: Easily $20 per month.

Here’s an offer you can’t beat, but there’s one disadvantage, which I’ll tell you about in a moment.

One time payment

All the others I can think of will charge you based on subscribers, and they’ll charge you monthly.

This one is $27 right now. ONCE.

Send 8,000 mails per day for free

This might change, but you can see for yourself on the sales page how it’s possible to send up to 8,000 mails per day for free.

Clever system.

The things I look for in an autoresponder

Free doesn’t do it for me. It’s fine, but just an extra goodie.

What I’m looking for is time-saving. Automation. Features.

And with this autoresponder you can segment your list. You can automate it, so that if a person buys a product, he’ll automatically get added to the list of your choice.

High delivery. That’s important. This is something that Aweber and GetResponse fail at. Why does it work with this autoresponder? Because it can set up the … acronyms I can never remember, but you can read about it on the sales page as well. DKIM I think is one of them. Technical stuff. Not my strongest side.

Unlimited. You get access to all future updates as well.

What’s the catch?

I don’t see any, and I’m about to invest in it myself, even though I have an autoresponder.

There’s only one catch as I see it: The price goes up in 24 hours.

So if I were you, I would grab it now.

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