How to make money online [5/5]

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What if you don’t have a product, not even a freebie, and you don’t have a homepage, a blog, a domain or anything.

Well, you need something. You can’t make money online out of the blue air. If you have knowledge, yes. Like if you bought Yaz’s product last week.

Otherwise, you need something to sell.

And the tools I’ve been raving about this whole week? Guess what, you can get access to selling those yourself.

  • You’ll get lots of promotion material.
  • Several landing pages, depending on your target audience.
  • Facebook ads.
  • Instructions on how to promote those tools through free means or paid options (Facebook, AdWords, Bing).

You’ll be able to help people, who are in need of those online tools, find one place that has them all for a very reasonable price. Much less than they’ll have to pay elsewhere.

You won’t even have to make the selling yourself. Everything is done for you.

How does it work?

Check out this video to find out

And this concludes our miniseries for this week. Have a great weekend – and go for your dream 🙂

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