How to make money online [1/5]

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Another wonderful week is starting 🙂

What does it mean to you to “make money online”?

Do you have a goal? How far are you from it?

How do you move closer?

It is possible to reach whatever goal you set yourself, as long as it’s realistic. Meaning, no, you won’t make 1 million next week, if you haven’t made a dollar yet.

But let’s get started. Let’s first look at what you need.

You need to help people.

Help people solve a problem. Help them grow. Help them obtain their desires. Help them become the person they want to be.

So far so good, but that means you need several things now:

  • People, aka an audience.
  • Knowledge about their needs and problems.
  • Tools to help them.

And oh, are there many tools you’ll need. I won’t lie to you.

When I started out, there weren’t that many tools, so I had to build them myself. I wrote the HTML and PHP for my home page. I created the script that connected my desktop mail client with an online form.

Phew, I’m glad all that can be obtained now for a low price, so I no longer have to spent time learning how to create those tools, building them, and fixing them when they broke.

But let’s get back to the topic. You need an audience. You need people you can help. How do you stay in contact with them?

In my experience, the absolute best way is through email, which means you need an autoresponder. For someone new to making money online that can be a costly affair.

Unless you get in here

You’ll not just get an autoresponder with up to 10,000 subscribers and unlimited mails. And which can work in a totally simple and easy way, but also with tags and segmentation if you need it.

You’ll also get drag & drop site builders to make your own sites, sales pages, squeeze pages, and much more.

But try it out – it’s free for 7 days.

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