What I don’t say

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When I don’t say anything, it means you can still ask.

Meaning: Did you just get an email from someone about a new product?

And now you would like to know:

  • If it’s an good.
  • If it would work for you.

Feel free to ask. Maybe I don’t know the product, but then I can perhaps find out anyway.

Maybe I do know the product but have chosen not to promote it.

It could be because of lack of time.

But it could also be because I didn’t think the product was quite ready to get launched. Like some cloud based software I looked at last week. Truly promising, but too many things that didn’t work as they should. At least not in my browser, and I had been in contact with the programmer several times already.

So don’t be shy. Ask 🙂

Just because I don’t say anything about it, doesn’t mean I don’t have anything to say.

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