Myth busting: We buy from people we know, like and trust

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That's not necessarily true.

A while back, I recommended a product by a brilliant email marketer. My friend checked him out, hated him, but bought his product anyway.

She didn't know him much. She didn't like him. I guess she trusted him because of my recommendation.

Of course, the selling process gets much easier if your target audience knows, likes and trusts you. But what if they don't?

Enter Amazon.

Amazon is a well-known plat form. Most people trust it. And a lot of people like it.

If you can get your digital product up for sale on Amazon, you've gone a long way towards getting customers.

Do they know you? No, but they know Amazon.
Do they trust you? No, because they don't know you, but since you're on Amazon, that has a built-in trust value.
Do they like you? Not yet, but here's your big chance.

I loved this product that showed me something I had no idea you could do: put digital products up for sale on Amazon.

Check it out here

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