Ground breaking is an understatement

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My first reaction when I found out what this was about was:

Wow, you can do that?

Years ago, people made fortunes on eBay, selling digital products, but they put an end to it. You can’t do that now, unless you ship a physical DVD or a printed book.

Amazon? That’s for physical products and Kindle books, right? That was what I thought, until I saw “Hidden Revenue Exposed” by Dave Espino, presented by James Renouf.

My jaw dropped and I kept saying “wow” as I watched the course.

Have you ever thought about selling physical products on Amazon? I’ve never done it, but I’ve seen a few videos about it, because I was supposed to make a summary of the product. That course cost $1,000 and the product creator made errors, the video quality was horrible, the content was confusing… And I stopped watching.

This one here? I was surprised to see how high the quality was.

Clear and to the point videos.
Simple and clear descriptions.
Everything you need to start selling your own digital products on Amazon (except for the products).

What can you sell there?

Practically anything digital, like:

  • video courses
  • audio courses
  • podcasts
  • ebooks
  • hypnosis sound files
  • checklists
  • cheatsheets
  • graphics
  • photos
  • MP3

You don’t need a homepage or anything, if you follow the steps Dave shows you.

This course is more than ground breaking. There is a huge opportunity here for those of us who’ll grab it.

Check it out here

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