Solved: Problem selling digital products

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If you have any kind of experience selling digital products, you’ll know that all the hype, telling you how “easy” it is…

Well, it’s not a lie, of course, but the easiness depends on your experience, your reputation and a lot of other factors.

And most often, when you try out the method, it doesn’t work exactly as it looked it would, when you read the sales page.

To list some of the problems when you try to sell digital products, whether it is video courses, PDFs, cheatsheets or even software is:

  • If it’s not in the money-making niche, it’s difficult to find a platform to sell it from. In most cases, you would have to use ClickBank, which costs a fee just to get started.
  • Traffic. Problem. Because buyers don’t lurk around your blog to find something to buy.

Today, you have a new option.

  • Your niche doesn’t matter. You can use this for any niche.
  • You don’t need your own home page, domain, or even email list.
  • You can create your products in English. Or French, German, Japanese, or other languages (not all, as far as I know).
  • It’s free to list your products.
  • Your products will be on a platform where millions of BUYERS come daily.

So if you’ve created video courses, audio courses, podcasts, ebooks, hypnosis files (even in French), checklists or cheatsheets, graphics or photos, you’ll love this place as much as I do.

It’s Amazon.

If you thought (like I did) that Amazon was only for physical products or Kindle books, you would be wrong. I just found out, and my head is buzzing with ideas.

Yes, you can list your digital products on Amazon. It’s not difficult, when you have a clear step-by-step walk-through, which Dave Espino can provide you with.

He’s sharing his method and experience in “Hidden Revenue Exposed” which consists of 16 short and VERY CLEAR videos. I love how he shows the whole process and makes it easy (yes, easy) to copy and set up your own products.

Should you consider this product?

Yes, if you don’t mind taking action to make money.
Yes, if you can create (or outsource) products in one of the languages Amazon supports.
Yes, if you already have digital products of one kind or another.

I’ve never seen anything like this before. Not only is this brand new and not taught by anybody else. It’s also well-taught. Clear, concise, inspiring.

Make sure to snap your copy here

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