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A few days ago, I read through a product that showed me a hundred or so recurring products for affiliates to promote.

When I saw some of them (nail fungus anyone?) I thought, “How is this going to help the average person out there?”

Yes, there are plenty of niches, full of info-hungering people who would love to buy what you can promote, but…

BUT you need to know something about the topic.

You can’t just sit down and write a blog post that says, “buy this product I’ve found. It will solve your problem.”

You have to know about the problem. You have to be more or less an expert.

End of story.

Or – it would have been, if I hadn’t received an email from Michael Harris, talking about how he (a former navy officer) figured out a way to become an instant expert.

Okay, the name of the product is “Instant Expert Jackpot”, but it’s not truly instant. It takes some work from you, but it’s doable.

Everything that’s worth going for takes work, doesn’t it? Some kind of work, so better make it pleasant work.

Michael shows his own process in a 37 minute video, and he does it with a topic that’s not within the “money online” niche, which is good.

This is something you can do yourself, no matter what niche you want to get into, nail biting, carrot cultivating on Greenland, cat training (yes, that’s possible. I have a very obedient cat), you name it.

Take a look here

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