More time is NOT the solution

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You might think that when you don’t get enough done, it’s because you don’t have enough time.

That’s not true.

First, you have enough time.

Second, having more time will not help you.

If you don’t believe me then go through a few sales pages from gurus. Many of them will tell you that they worked 9-5 and then worked on their Internet business in the morning, in the evening, during their lunch break, and every time they could get away with it.

Then one day they made so much money that they could escape the job trap and become full time marketers.

What happened next surprised them.

Now they no longer had to steal an hour here and there to work. They had 8 hours per day. Or 12 hours.

But they got much less done.

Working from home is great, but it means special demands. You no longer have a boss to tell you “work, dude, or I’ll fire you.”

And not all work is interesting, even if it’s for your own business. So you’ll find yourself checking mail, watching cute cats on YouTube, checking Facebook and reading about what would happen if Captain Kirk had been a real astronaut on Quora.

In other words: You’re wasting more time than you’re utilizing.

How do I know all this?


But I got over it. I conquered the monster. Now I’m the master of my own domai… business.

Then I wrote down what I did to get things done.

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