3700% ROI

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Imagine paying $3.94 for ads and making $532.29 in revenue…

That’s what Lila Jade did, and inside the free bonus that comes with TeeXplosion, she shares how she did.

What’s most interesting is that you can set up a similar business in one day.

  • Can you type a bit of text? Then you can do this.

Like the name suggests, TeeXplosion is about selling t-shirts, but not the tired old way, which took a lot of time and money.

This way is awesome.

  • It’s fun.
  • It’s easy.
  • You can do it yourself.
  • You don’t carry any stock.
  • You don’t need a home page or a webhost.
  • It’s inexpensive (less than $10 to get up and running AND make money).

How awesome is that?

I’m doing a 5-week book camp at the moment, but as soon as I’m done and have time, I’ll set up such a store myself, simply because it seems like a fun and profitable idea.

And I love fun and profitable ideas 😀

You’re going to love this http://malka.im/teexplosion

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