$1K net profit first month

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If you’re dreaming of something that’s easy to set up, demands almost no money, then you’ll leave what I’ve just discovered.

Normally, when you start an internet business, you need to invest. Not much, perhaps, but you need a home page, domain, autoresponder and stuff, and perhaps the most expensive part: ads to send traffic your way.

A few years ago, there was a lot of buzz about selling t-shirts on Facebook.

You “only” had to:

  • Buy a course for $1,000.
  • Find a designer.
  • Pay for Facebook ads.
  • Go broke.

Most of the people I heard from who’d bought the course, never used it.

Others made a little money, but considering the huge investment… Not worth it.

What Lila Jade and Bart Hennin share is another story. Well, at first, it was the same. Lila tried the t-shirt business. She went there, did that, and didn’t even get the t-shirt. She sold a little, but not enough to keep up with the money she had to pay for t-shirts and traffic.

So she made a list of conditions:

  • A marketplace with a huge number of targeted buyers
  • Where I could offer an unlimited number of shirts
  • Where I don’t personally manufacture the shirts and NEVER carry inventory nor ship anything…
  • Where the shirt design was as fast and simple as “copying and pasting a bit of text”
  • That I could start for less than $20

And she found what she was looking for. Within 2 days of starting her business, she made a sale, and within her first month, she made $1,000 in net profit.

Inside “TeeXplosion” she shares her secret.

You don’t need a designer. Her t-shirts are made with text only, and they sell!

She’ll show you how you’ll get your t-shirts made, and how you can send buyers to your shop for 1 cent per visitor.

Check it out. It’s awesome! http://malka.im/teexplosion

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