3 ways to get the boot

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At first, I was an affiliate. Then I began to create products.

I’ve seen both sides of the business a long time before I came into the “money online” niche.

Now, as a vendor, I see affiliates really screw up, and here’s the top list that will get them the boot right away:

  • Not writing any message at all when they request to promote. (Unless I know them.)
  • Writing, “Dear sir, i really like ur product” or similar, when I can tell right away he hasn’t bought my product.
  • Writing, “I have a huge list” or “I have 200,000 on my list” and a statistic that says less than 10 sales. LIAR!

What should they have done instead?

They should be honest. It’s an honest matter to be new to affiliate marketing. Just tell me so. Don’t lie about your big list, when you have no sales. Let me know that you’re new, and I’ll approve you.

Get my product. Either buy it or ask me for a review copy. Read it. Only promote it if you like it.

And write a message, always. Let the vendor know who you are, and where you are with your business.

Should that get you approved?

With me? Yes, probably. But you can’t be sure, of course. Not all vendors give new affiliates a chance, because it will most likely mess up the conversion. Sorry, but that’s just a fact.

That’s why I was happy to see a different approach in Pallab Ghosal’s new course called “The 24 Hour Income System”. You don’t need to beg vendors for approval to use it, and you don’t even have to wait for it.

You’ll be automatically improved as an affiliate.

Check it out, it’s awesome! http://malka.im/24hrincome

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