The money is NOT in the list

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No, it’s not the heat that’s turning my brain into porridge.

Besides, you knew it all the time, didn’t you?

That oh-so-popular thing called “a list” and which everybody talks about…

Bovine Droppings!

Every aspiring marketer knows that building a list costs money.

  • First you have to sign up for an autoresponder, and those scrupulous owners charge you a fortune.
  • You don’t stand a chance to make that money back, because you have crickets on your list. Well, no, but your mother refuses to buy from you.
  • Sending traffic to your squeeze page costs so much that you haven’t dared to do it yet.
  • And what if it doesn’t convert?
  • Even if it converts, will the new subscribers as much as open your emails?


And then they say the money is in the list.


Okay, that was fun to write 😀 But you know me. I’ve been telling you for years to build a list, and although all the above, sadly, is true, there are ways…

There are ways you could get paid to build your list.

I’ll tell you more tomorrow.

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