Want to make more money?

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Noooo, you already have enough, right?

Thought so 😉

But on the rare chance that you answered ‘yes’ to my subject line, then there’s one thing you MUST do.

You must grow your audience.

People buy from people they know, like and trust.

If they don’t know you and don’t see your offers, you won’t make money. That’s easy.

Get in front of them, make them get to know you, and you’re one step on the road towards riches. Or at least making a little 😀

Now, if you also want them to like you, I know a great way to do that:

Engage them.

Make them feel good about themselves, and they will feel gratitude towards you because you induced that feeling in them.

Great, but how do you do that?

Challenge them.

Give them a ten-day challenge, or a 12-day, or 20-day, or challenge them for 30 days…

What matters is the challenge. People can’t resist challenges, and they’ll perform, and they’ll feel good about themselves.

Give that feeling to other people. Make them feel good about themselves.

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