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If there’s something that can make me steaming furious, it’s misleading marketing.

Today, I found out that I’ve been scammed. Not once, but several times by the same vendor.

Here’s the story.

I like to eat healthy, and for that reason I’ve asked my husband to buy olive oil on his shopping trips.

You might think olive oil was cheap here… After all, Israel is known for its olive trees, right? But no. It’s actually rather expensive. So when my husband saw a bundle of two bottles, slightly cheaper than other olive oil bottles, he bought them. And we’ve been buying them many times.

Neat bottles, same green color as the others, a cute little olive tree at the top.

Today, I checked the Hebrew text on it: 90% canola oil, 10% olive oil.

Yeah, that got me steaming! And I bet it’s hard to find more expensive canola oil anywhere.

It taught me to check the content more carefully, that’s for sure.

If you’re considering joining Malka Club, you can go through the sales page with a magnifier. I’m not hiding anything, and I’m not promising olive oil and delivering canola oil.

You’ll get the real thing: methods and techniques that you can build a business upon.

You can start right away

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