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My son’s visit here yesterday went well (picture below of him and Nefnef). But when he left, Nefnef yelled “ach, ach” after him, wanting him to come back. She loves Danni and spent the whole day at his feet, except for when she guided him around in the park, looking for cats.

Danni and Nefnef at the park

Words are powerful. Even my dog knows it and tries to say things.

As far as I’ve figured out, based on our neighbor carrying her baby, saying “where is the how how?” showing the baby our dog, the barking sound in Hebrew is “how how”.

Nefnef doesn’t bark. Rarely. But she talks a lot. People ask me why she’s whimpering, and I say she’s not crying, she’s talking. Telling stories.

But back to our world. The make money online-world. Do words hold power here? You bet.

The problem is that it takes time to turn words into money, because you need to create full products before you can launch.

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