How to find out if there is a good need or market first

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My son will visit us today. He’ll be here any minute 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing him, especially since he’ll go to Ukraine tomorrow night and stay there for a month on business.

So I won’t be working much today.

Yesterday, I asked you if you were afraid you’d waste your time creating a product that wouldn’t sell, and I got some wonderful answers.

One of them said:

“Yes, I would like to know about how to find out if there is a good need or market to the product before
the creation process.”

While even big publishing houses have learned the hard way, that there’s no way to be sure, there are ways to investigate.

You can get idea about the need and interest by checking several sources, like for example:

  • Check if there are magazines about your topic.
  • Check if there are other books written about your topic.
  • Check how many searches there are for your topic on Amazon or Google.

There’s another way, too, where you can find out if there’s a market and get paid at once…

You might not even have to put in any work, and still get paid up front.

I’ve used this method many times. My husband has used that method many times. And one of my closest friends uses this method frequently.

I call it “Upfront Cash Factory”, and you can grab a copy here:

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