11 seconds to brutal touchdown

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Last week, I wrote about my second parachute jump in an ebook. I jumped from 600 meters up, and my proofreader changed it to 4,000 meters.

I asked him why.

He said that he thought 600 meters sounded a bit low, so he checked and found that the norm was 4,000 meters.

The thing is that I didn’t have a free fall first. My parachute had a string that was attached to the airplane, so that the parachute was automatically drawn out. But when I talked with my husband about it yesterday, he said, “600 meters is kind of low. What if something went wrong?”

I told him that we were trained in every possible situation.

“But still…”

He checked how long it would take a body to hit the ground from 600 meters. A little more than 11 seconds.

“And you use the first three waiting for the parachute to unfold, right?”


“Then you look up, and if something is wrong, you have… what? One or two seconds to react?”

True. It didn’t leave us many seconds to think about what to do. Kind of forced us to make snap decisions, right? Or we would end up becoming what was known at the club as “parachute pizza”.


Luckily, not every decision is about life and death, but the faster you can make them, the better your business will work.

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