What separates winners from losers?

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Okay, to be honest, it’s not fair to call anyone a loser, but I couldn’t fit a whole psychological thesis into the subject line 😀

Somebody who loses is not a loser. He’s somebody who’s lost something.

Sometimes, a person loses so many times that he’ll begin to think of himself as a loser.

A lot of it is in the mind. Somebody who keeps losing will begin to expect his next attempt to fail.

What’s the solution to that?

Turn the wheel around. Drive in a different direction. Begin to experience wins instead of losses.

One thing that winning people do differently than losing people is taking fast decisions.

They don’t linger for days, weeks or months, waiting to get every last detail before they decide.

No, they look at what they know, they realize that they cannot know everything about a choice, and then they take a snap decision.

That’s something you can learn to do, actually.

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