Friend got laid off – guess my reply

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Yesterday, I received an email from an online friend, fellow marketer and writer Chris.

He told me among other things that he’d gotten laid off.

Can you guess what I told him? One word.



Who said, ‘because I’m a mean old witch?’

Yeah, that too, but no. Rather than seeing this as a disaster, I see it as a chance. A chance to get serious about business and work for himself instead of for some random man.

The same thing happened to another friend last year. He’d been trying (trying) to make money online since 2010, and only when he received that pink slip did he really do something and succeed.

(It surely helped that he got one of my courses, too, hehe, but I can only tell people what to do, I can’t force them to do it, so all honor for getting started goes to him.)

Why am I babbling about all this?

Because I want to know what you would do if you got fired. Do you have a plan?

Or is there anything I could help you with?

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