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As you know, I recommend products I think could help you make an income as a writer.

Sometimes I’ll warn you about products that looks good, but isn’t. Or maybe just part of it isn’t that good.

At rare occasions I don’t go through the product before mailing about it. This only happens when it’s about future events, like Shawn Hansen’s live online training, which started a couple of days ago.

I based my recommendation on what I know about Shawn, what I read on the sales page, and what I saw in a video she shared with me.

To me, her training about how to create and make money with cheatsheets sounded awesome.

Now I’ve seen the first workshop (they get recorded) and I must say that it’s FAR MORE THAN AWESOME!

I haven’t seen anything like this before. It really got me inspired, and I can’t wait to see the rest of the workshops. Unfortunately, I can’t be there tonight, but thankfully, it all gets recorded so I’ll watch it Sunday instead.

And even better, Shawn also shares the content as written text, which means it’s easy to look up details. She also shares templates for cheatsheets as well as her slides.

Those cheatsheets (not a spelling error) work so well for all kinds of genres and niches.

Shawn shows examples of cheatsheets that made her $10K or more on the sales page, and after having seen the first workshop, I understand why and how she could do it.

Did I mention inspiring?

I’ve used cheatsheets myself to build a list and to sell, but I was only scraping the surface. Now I’ll dive in and obtain so much more.

Do yourself a favor and check it out here http://malka.im/shawncheatsheets

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