Can you make it?

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My husband, Cyril, taught me how to watch movies.

He pointed out to me how Stephen Spielberg used his “can they make it” to increase the tension.

And it’s a question we often ask ourselves, isn’t it?

Did you realize that your answer will always be right?

If you ask yourself, “Can I make it? Will I ever succeed in making money online?” and you answer yourself “no,” then you’ll be right. Because unconsciously, you’ll do everything you can to obstruct your success to prove yourself right.

That would be a pity.

If you instead answered a big, booming “YES!” or even a faint, humble one, then Yes, you’ll make it.

And having a blueprint to follow will make it easier for you to believe in that yes.

I have such a blueprint ready for you here

Yes, you can make it. And you can do it in 24 days.

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