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Yesterday, I mailed about my SIBOC mail template.

Two subscribers wanted the PLR option, and when I launched the product, I offered PLR for only $19.96.

However, that offer was no longer available, and I’d changed the price to $126.96.

But, as the two subscribers pointed out, the text on the page still said $19.96.

To be fair, I changed the price back, and promised to keep the price that low until today.

This morning, I figured that maybe you’d wanted that option, too, but saw the high price and decided not to buy.

Therefore, I’m extending the low price until tomorrow, Friday the 14th, at 9 am EST.

After that, I’ll make sure to change the text on the sales page to reflect the real price 🙂

Get SIBOC with or without PLR here today http://malka.biz/siboc

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