Only ONE Britt Malka!

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Three days ago, I read in a course for fiction writers that I should do a search for my own name.

I did as told and was rather surprised to see another Britt Malka pop up with a picture that definitely wasn't me.

See it here:

Fake Britt Malka

It turned out that an impostor had made a Twitter account, using my name, and retweeted as “Britt Malka”.

I complained to Twitter. They asked me for picture ID, and I sent it the 10th. The following day, they'd taken down the fake Twitter account 😀

There shall be only one Britt Malka 😀

What about you? Do you have a common name, or are you the only one with that name in the whole, wide world?

Even if you're one out of thousands, there should be only one you. And you should be yourself.

When you're writing emails or social media posts, people should be able to recognize your style.

To begin with, it's not easy to find your own voice. I know I struggled with that, and interestingly, one thing that helped me was role playing in World of Warcraft.

What else can help you? Templates. Interestingly, a fixed structure leaves you with a lot more freedom than no structure at all.

That's why my SIBOC email template offers support. Instead of spending hours, wondering how to write your email, you'll have an easy-to-remember structure to follow.

And yet, no two emails will be alike.

There shall be only one you, and there shall be only one mail 🙂 Every email will be just as unique as you.

See here how you can SIBOC your emails

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